About me

Hi! I am a second-year Master’s student in the Networks, Systems and Security (NSS) lab at the Department of Computer Science, University of British Columbia, where I am advised by Ivan Beschastnikh.

My research interests lie in the area of privacy and security in distributed multi-party systems machine learning systems like Federated Learning. As part of my masters thesis, I built a system to train machine learning models collaboratively in a peer to peer setting while protecting privacy of individual’s data and defending the training process from poisoning attacks.

Previously, I completed my undergraduate degree from Lahore University of Management Sciences where I worked on developing an energy-efficient routing protocol for IOT devices and a design pattern information retrieval system for software developers.

Here’s a link to my resume.


2 Sept 2019: Last day at MSRA. Thanks Xian Zhang for mentoring me.

10 Jul 2019: Started internship at Microsoft Research Asia. Excited to work on accelerating zero knowledge proofs for ML inference.

26 Feb 2019: Biscotti: A ledger for private and secure peer to peer machine learning accepted and presented as a poster at NSDI’19.

27 Nov 2018: Our work on private and secure peer to peer machine learning using blockchains is now available on arxiv

1 Jan 2018: Started my master’s degree at UBC.